Training with friends

Joined friends at the park to training our dogs for obedience dog shows. At the park there was a welcoming ceremony for the Midvale, Utah police disbanded and merged with Unified Police Dept.  We like to have distractions. Kids: riding by on bikes, playing soccer. But that was a plus to have police officers walking around in their dark uniforms riding their motorcycles behind our dogs while the dogs did a sit stay then a down stay with the handler out of sight. Dogs have to sit for three minutes then down for five minutes with the handlers 50 to 75 feet away where the dogs can't see the handlers. We have someone watching to make sure dogs stay. Just behind Ms Mickee (white dog) is a row of Police officers motorcycle..  


 Comfy Control Dog Harness

A little hat to keep the sun out of her eyes.


Strut Your Mutt!

Easy Walk Harness

King's so big he walks me.


Mickee loves her Wubba Kong Tug!




 Retrieved  Dogs worked tirelessly after the 9/11 attacks.

Ms Mickee taking me for a walk in Reno, NV.