To run in agility king needed to be measured on the measuring table.


Charlie too




Charlie with a friend walking around the agility grounds.




 Every dog in an agility trial is measured for a jump height card to see which height the dog will jump.

King measures at 24.88, He jumps 24 inch jumps with his long legs.

Charlie measures 22.75 But because of his heavy body and short legs. He jumps 20 inch preferred. He can jump 24 inch like his brother King but that would be hard on him to jump so many jumps with his body type.  

Here's a link to American Kennel Club to find out about the height card.

 Agility Jump Height Card Policy and Measuring Procedure Guidelines


Charlie leaving the elevator.

King leaving the elevator.

We use the elevator to get to the crate area at the Agility Trial.




Just an other day at an Agility trial

Pop forgot Libby's chair in Arizona so he had to buy her a new one.  

This helps carry her chair to the shows.


Color Cup Ball Holder Great for clipping on to hold the tennis ball for your dogs. Hands free.                               

Canvas crates are great for hanging around the agility or obedience trials.

  With a nice soft Mat.