When I give my dogs treats I ask them if they want a cookie.


Teaching my dogs to take food from my hand they learn to be gentle. Mickee can take a treat from my hand at full speed and not touch my hand. King is very soft for his big size. Each morning King gets his pieces of banana and mom has to give it to him. He just turns his head if mom doesn't give the banana to him. Won't have anything to do with to ripe. Charlie can take it soft too. But sometimes he forgets so he needs to be remind to take his treat soft. I take my hand away until he takes his treat soft too.

 Here I'm trying to trim Kings nails. But Charlie wants his done again. Charlie loves Cookies!

How to Dremel Dog Nails

I and many others have found Dremeling dog nails to be a great alternative to clipping them. It is not surprising that many dogs react badly to nail clipping. Even if you do not cut painfully into the quick, the motion of clipping still pinches the nerve, which can be uncomfortable and even frightening for any dog. Dremeling is a great way to maintain healthy nails, and to lessen stress for everyone involved. You don't have to be a professional to do a good job, but there are some important steps involved in Dremeling nails. If done correctly, your dog will be much safer and more comfortable. I Dremel  nails once a week. If you are just discovering Dremeling and your dog has long nails, you can Dremel more often (every 4 days) until the quick retreats to a healthier length.
     Put your Dremel on a low speed. Hold up one paw, select a nail, and push any stray fur away from it. While supporting the nail between your fingers, touch the sander against the nail, and then retreat. Never leave the sander touching a single spot on a nail for more than a second. The goal is to smooth little sections off, while never putting enough friction on the nail to create any heat. That is why using a Dremel that has variable speeds is very handy for safety, because the slower the speed, the longer it takes to build friction, and the more control you have. You do not want to warm up the nail, or worse yet, burn it. As long as you never put pressure, smooth the sander along the nail, and never remain in one spot more than a second or two, you will do just fine. The best way to Dremel nails is to focus on one paw at a time, rotating between all of its toes.

Essential Tools
Variable Speed Dremel (NOT single speed). Cordless ones are heavier but less disruptive to the dog, corded ones don't require charging and are lighter. Sanding Drums: 1/2” diameter, Fine 120 Grit, Dremel #432 

  Dremel 7300-PT 4.8-Volt Pet Grooming Kit


The more variety a canine has (like humans) the more nutrition they receive.

Worried about whether your leftovers are good for your pet?

if you are feeing your furry baby commercial-brand dog food and want to introduce some fresh raw, or lightly cooked vegetables.



Yes, we make cookies for our friends dogs. It's a fun surprise.


 Paw Print Cake Pan  Decor Dog Bone Cookie Cutter Set   

 PupSnacks Dog Biscuits Cookbook  Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook  

Three White Dogs Cookbook 3" Dog Paw Metal Cookie Cutter

Training Treats

When I'm out training I run into other people training their dogs. I like to ask them what kind of treats they give their dogs for training. When I'm online I ask authors what treats they use.

 As they are cooking they add more to what they are cooking for training their dogs. They cook the extra a little longer so it dries out a bit. They keep a large jar in the fridge. On their way to training they put the jar in their training bag. 

Some like to cook up a batch then toss them into a freezer bag and leave in freezer. On agility day take out whatever's needed, the treats are only partly thawed by class time but the dogs love them regardless.

  Cooking a batch for freezing in Tupperware to throw in the training bag.

 Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club

Volunteers at our Party!


Hair  grows back on the dogs elbows after using.


I like these because if you have pushy eater like Charlie you can put your foot on the bottom bar. Keeps from moving around the room. 



I use whatever the dog likes plus if i need to watch their calories i will 'flavor' their kibble with a few drops of tuna juice or liquid from a cat food pouch (shake it up in a baggie)



 When cooking I like to put pieces of food aside for training in the kitchen or front room.  Down, sit, fronts, around to my side. Stand up on their hind legs to straighten their legs too. Down, sit up (pushups) or an exercise from Rally Obedience Sign # 114

I hear people say they only feed their dogs dog food. They won't feed people food to their dogs. 

I picked this up when I started traveling with friends to dog show.  Dry dog food was making my dogs fat.  I put less dog food then warm water. Stir until it makes a gravy. Warm water works best. If water is added to dry dog food it swells up double it's size. I've never liked putting dog food on the floor for free eating. I feed twice a day. Watching how my dogs body looks then I feed accordingly. Takes about 10 minuets to feed and clean up and get ready for the next feeding. The old wise tale about long legs is true. King has the same size body as his brother Charlie but because his legs are longer I feed him a little more. but I have to be careful if I give King 2 cups to the top of the brim of the measuring cup he gains weight. If I give him 2 cups to the 2 cup line on the measuring cup his weight is just right.

  I give other items that won't add weight too. Veggies, Cottage cheese, a piece apples, string cheese..  Charlie love tomatoes from the garden. Cherry tomatoes are best for just popping in the mouth. Giving my dogs variety in their food. It all comes out better in the end. Warning: Side effects include healthy, happy dogs, unexpected pooch smooches, and excessive tail wagging.

I use a Pyrex Prepware 2-Cup Measuring Cup, Clear

Dog food sticks to the back teeth which causes bad breath. Dogs need something to chew, green are my favorite, doesn't chip teeth. Green ones are better for bad breath too. Just because a dog is an aggressive eater doesn't mean their teeth are also EnzymatiqueVanilla/Mint Toothpaste Leave it on the dogs teeth to soften the plaque. Then brush their teeth the next day. OR Just can't stop bad breath.

Clean Dogs Teeth( Vet's recipe)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup water

Put coz on finger clean dogs teeth

 Works great!


My dogs are performance dogs so I like to keep the extra weight off. Extra weight over the jumps is hard on their body’s.


Cooking for Your Dog Understanding the type of dietary fuel used by muscles being asked to perform at certain events is just one consideration. What type of fat is best, what to feed and when to feed it are some of the things that can turn a performance dog into a super-star.


Charlie and King looking for bacon / Charlie, Mickee, King love their treats.

 King and Charlie waiting for Eggs! Charlie loves boiled Eggs!

Mickee too

I've never had a sillier dog than Charlie. He goes by his own rules. Charlie off. Who me?

Look how cool King is sleeping through treat handouts. Just like Kings dad he knows he will not go without.