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We have the perfect solution for you... The New and Improved Booster Bath!

This dog wash tub is guaranteed to take the hassle out of bath time, save your back and keep you dry! The open back allows pets to step right in while the thick bath mat eliminates all the skidding around in wet soapy water. The easy to reach caddy eliminates spilling and searching for your shampoo.



Use the Booster Bath Anytime...Anywhere!

With the New and Improved Booster Bath, washing your dog will be a bonding and enjoyable experience. No more putting off washing the dog because it's such a hassle! The Booster Bath makes washing your dog quick and painless. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Give Your Pet A WARM BATH  With Our Tropic Shower Kit!  Washing Machine Valve Hook UP, Onetime Installation, Onetime Temperature Setting!
 Booster Bath Large, Booster Bath, Medium
 New Booster Bath Kit for Dogs, Mini    Grey Booster Step
Tropical Shower  Medium Booster Bath Pink

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