We've sold Booster Baths to K9 officers too.
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"We have had our Booster Bath for about 2 years now.  This wonderful product has made our lives SO much easier!  We have 4 Goldens and have had 2 litters of 19 puppies total and buying the Booster Bath was the best investment we have ever made!  After major back surgery last year, your tub was a godsend!  Bathing my dogs use to  put me in tears, (and I am no wimp!) and make me immobile for at least 2 days afterward.  Your bath tub changed all of that! Thank you for such a great product!" 
-Cathy & Jim Phillips, Hemet, CA


No dog is too LARGE for the Booster Bath!  even a Newfoundland that  weighs 145 lbs. and is  32" at the shoulder!  "They hop right in,  feel real secure and I don't get wet anymore!   It's absolutely wonderful!  I love it!  It's the best thing I ever bought!"

-Joyce Taylor, Bearhollow Newfoundlands, Watsonville, CA

The dogs love it!  They both want to be in it at the same time whether it's bathing time or not, they jump in and look at us expectantly....two hefty labs at the same time does make bathing somewhat difficult but still lots of fun!  It is SUPER and I'm so pleased we bought it! -Verena and Jakob Nueburger, Zurich, Switzerland
"We love our Booster Bath!  Having 2 Golden Retrievers, it was costing $25 per dog.  Even Tasha who really hates baths but loves to swim in the river was a lot less stressed.  Now after having the Booster Bath a few months, our dogs jump in and we don't  need to use the leash restraint anymore!" 
-Bob and Cindy Wells, Boise ID

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Fox News Logo.JPG (24257 bytes)"Thank you so much for joining us for your recent segment on Pet News.  Your segment was educational and interesting - two things we always strive for on our show.  We wish you continued success". -Brian Kilcommons & The Staff of Pet News

"The Booster Bath has certainly changed bath time from a dreaded chore to a pleasant task.   I place retired  greyhounds in new homes after their racing careers are over.   When the dogs arrive, the very first thing we do is bathe them.  Even the most timid of dogs readily climb into the tub and remain relaxed and easily managed." -Karen Teplitzky, Ohio Greyhound Placement, Russell OH

"Booster Bath is the best invention for the average pet owner as well as the professional pet care person.  It is the absolute best thing I have ever spent money on... it sure has made my life easier!"  -Doreen Gray,  English Mastiffs & Rottweilers,  Waterford, PA