Beautiful "Kaiser Porzzallon" White German Shepherd Dog Figurine From 1975!

This Great Example of Fine German Porcelain Sculpture was Available from Kaiser Porcelain of West Germany in 1975 .  For over 125 years, Kaiser, for over Four Generations, Produced the World’s Finest Quality Porcelain.  Nestled in the charming Village of Staffelstein, Germany, Kaiser has dedicated itself to the Art of Defining Elegance, Beauty, and Fine Craftsmanship. Indeed, Collectors, Statesmen, and Art Lovers seek its Highly Valued Porcelain Works.  Kaiser Sculptures have been Prized by Presidents, Prime Ministers, and a Host of Dignitaries the World over. To what does Kaiser owe its World Class Reputation?  Well, for one, its Commitment to the Highest Standards of Quality Achieved by Creating the Best Porcelain from the Finest Materials.  Second, Kaiser relies Primarily on the Personal Touch of Experienced, Skilled Craftsmen to Create the World’s Most Exquisite Porcelain Pieces.  Indeed, Kaiser is World Renown for its Hand-Painted Artists’ Editions and Beautiful White Bisque Porcelain.  Finally, in Preparation and Production, Kaiser pays attention to the very Smallest of Details, insuring every square inch of its Fine Work has been completely and totally, perfected.

This Gorgeous White German Shepherd Dog Figurine, Modeled by Kaiser's World Renowned Professional Sculptor, Wolfgang Gawantka, was sculpted in 1975.

Originally, Kaiser Limited This Edition to 3,000 Pieces Total, about half of the total in White and remaining were in Hand Painted Color.  As needed to fill orders for this Beautiful Figurine, They were Sculpted in Lots of Varying Quantities.  As Time passed, Demand lessened and Kaiser quit filling Orders which were small and could not be produced at a profit.  This made the Limited Edition even "SMALLER," as final numbers ended up to be 700 for the Hand Painted Black and Tan Dogs, and 814 for the White Bisque Dogs, making a smaller Total Edition of only 1,514 pieces, according to Production Book 528, instead of the 3,000 Figurines originally planned.  This increased the Rarity of them and, of course, Increased the VALUE Also!

The First 40 pieces of each Figurine Produced by the Kaiser Factory , were always sent to Canada to a Brother of the Factory Owner of the Kaiser Porcelain Factory.   The Brother's Gallery would Exhibit and Sell those Initial Releases of Figurines.  This meant If a Very Early Release of a "Limited Edition" Piece was a requirement of yours, it would Require The Figurine to be Obtained From the Canadian Brother's Gallery.


This "Very Early Piece" in the Photo below, is Marked "No. 39" of 3,000 pieces, as you can see on the Bottom of the Piece.

The "Blue Kaiser" Logo is always Prominent at the left side, as is the Number Mark in the Center.  The Number "528" which you also see and appears to be embossed into the figurine, is the Number of the Factory Production Book in which the Production Records of the particular Edition were Hand Written.  This Production Book 528, is presently Achieved by Kaiser Porcelain, and was Researched by Kaiser's Historian.  My Thanks to Kaiser Porzellan for the Information provided here.


These Fine Pieces were, In Fact, Originally Purchased in Ontario, Canada, from the Canadian Gallery belonging to the Factory Owner's Brother.  I have personal knowledge of only Three of the White Bisque Figurines and only this one hand painted Black and Tan piece.  These Beautiful Kaiser White German Shepherd Figurines have become very Rare over the years and are Rarely seen and hardly ever come to Market.

It was Our Desire to Show as Many "Views" of this Beautiful White German Shepherd Figurine as Possible for your Viewing Pleasure, So, I have included Numerous Photos for your Viewing Pleasure.   No......, It Is Only One Figurine, Although Some Pictures Include "Two Views" for effect.

These Magnificent Sculpted Porcelain Pieces are Privately Owned and are NOT available.  Although it was One of the Original "First Forty Pieces" sent to the Canadian Gallery for Sale, This Beautiful Piece has the Distinction of having been in Canada for a Couple Decades before it was sent to The United States for several more years.  More Recently, It was Returned to Germany by its Present Owner, Making This Particular German Shepherd Dog's Journey, which had lasted several Decades, Complete!  He's Now Returned HOME!

Detail of these Beautiful Sculpted Porzellan German Shepherd Figurines make it easy for one to understand Their Collectible Prominence with Collectors.

Of Interest here, and worth mentioning, the Bottom is Marked "West Germany" denoting its age as having been made prior to the "Tearing Down of the Wall" between East and West Germany adding a Place in World History as well to these Fine Figurines.

Thank you for taking time to View these Works of Art and their Place of Honor in our Gallery Saluting the German Shepherd Dogs.



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